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Community Built On Authenticity

Have you been in those Facebook groups that are nothing but entrepreneurs flexing, sharing perfectly polished pics and writing essay-length posts in which they share wisdom from their ivory tower?

Yeah, we have too... there's no possibility of building a real community in that environment.

That's why we've designed Marketer Tribe with a different vision, for entrepreneurs who value transparency and authentic interactions over appearing to have it together all the time.

If you're looking for a community where you can openly share your struggles and successes, your mishaps and your wins, then we're your tribe. We are here to give you the support, advice, encouragement, and accountability you need to keep moving forward and overcome any obstacle in your path.

Courses and Training To Accelerate Your Success

Our MarketerTribe courses are designed to give you the skills and strategies you need to successfully launch and grow an online business.

Topics in current and upcoming courses include:

  • The best way to grow your email list (and why you want to grow an email list in the first place!)
  • How to close sales on autopilot with a high-converting sales funnel
  • Over-the-shoulder tutorials showing you exactly how to execute the tech
  • Email marketing strategies to build a solid relationship with your audience
  • Motivation and mindset to push you through and keep you moving forward
  • How to thrive online by offering your services as a freelancer
  • Crushing it online as an affiliate marketer
  • Crafting your story and developing your personal brand

Lessons in Working From Home 101:

  1. 1 Intro Video - What To Expect

    Objective: What To Expect In This Course

  2. 2 Our Marketer Tribe Story

  3. 3 The Power Of Sales Funnels

  4. 4 Video 1.1 - What Is A Sales Funnel

  5. 5 Video 1.2 - What Will A Funnel Do For Me

  6. 6 Video 1.3 - How Does A Funnel Work

  7. 7 High-Converting Sales Funnel Creation Worksheets - Module 1.pdf

  8. 8 Video 2.1 - Grow An Email List

  9. 9 Video 2.2 - Close Sales On Autopilot

  10. 10 Video 2.3 - Get Webinar Registrations

  11. 11 Video 2.4 - Affiliate Bridge Funnel

  12. 12 High-Converting Sales Funnel Creation Worksheets - Module 2.pdf

  13. 13 Video 3.1 - Essential Tech Tools

  14. 14 High-Converting Sales Funnel Creation Worksheets - Module 3 - Tech.pdf

  15. 15 Tool #1: ClickFunnels • Funnel Builder

  16. 16 Tool #2: Autoresponder Platform

  17. 17 Tool #3: Payment Processor

  18. 18 Tool #4: Webinar Platform

  19. 19 Tool #5: Cloud Storage

  20. 20 Tool #6: Custom Domain

  21. 21 Conclusion Video 1.1: Fast Track To Funnel Success

  22. 22 One Funnel Away Challenge by Clickfunnels

    Objective: Join The One Funnel Away Challenge

  23. 23 High-Converting Sales Funnel Creation Worksheets - Fast Track To Success

  24. 24 Funnel Hacks System

  25. 25 High-Converting Sales Funnel Creation Worksheets - Bonus - 45 Lead Magnet Ideas.pdf

  26. 26 High-Converting Sales Funnel Creation Worksheets - Bonus - Sales Funnel Checklist.pdf

  27. 27 Funnel Template: 3-Step High-Ticket Application Funnel

  28. 28 Funnel Template: 4-Page Sales Funnel With Upsells

  29. 29 Funnel Template: 5-Page Sales Funnel

  30. 30 One Funnel Away Challenge by Clickfunnels

  31. 31 Sales Funnels 201: How To Build High-Converting Sales Funnels With Clickfunnels

    Objective: Find out if Sales Funnels 201 Course is right for you!

Lessons in Work From Home 201:

  1. 1 Intro Video - What To Expect

  2. 2 The Best Platform For Building High-Powered Sales Funnels

  3. 3 Funnel Builder Free Trial

  4. 4 Video 1.1 - How To Set Up Autoresponder Integrations & Custom Domains and Get Tech Support

  5. 5 Video 1.2 - Creating Your First Funnel

  6. 6 Video 2.1 - Connect To Your Email List, Set Up Your SEO Meta Data, & All That Fun Tech

  7. 7 Video 2.2 - The Secrets To Building A Landing Page That Converts Like Crazy

  8. 8 Video 3.1 - 8 Essential Elements Of A Sales Page That Will Make You Money While You Sleep

  9. 9 Video 3.2 - Adding Your Video Sales Letter & Setting Up Your Sales Page, Part 1

  10. 10 Video 3.3 - Setting Up Your Awesome Sales Page, Part 2

  11. 11 Video 4.1 - How To Set Up Your Payment Processor & Add Your Product To Your Funnel

  12. 12 Video 4.2 - Building An Order Form That Overcomes Last-Minute Buyer Doubts

  13. 13 Video 4.3 - Increasing Your Profits With One-Click Upsell and Downsell Pages

  14. 14 Video 5.1 - How To Set Up Lead Magnet and Digital Asset Downloads

  15. 15 Video 5.2 - Building An Order Confirmation Page (or Thank You Page) That Reassures Your New Customer And Eliminates Buyer's Remorse

  16. 16 Video 6.1 - Creating Your Membership Access / Login Page

  17. 17 Video 6.2 - Setting Up Your Membership Dashboard & Uploading Course Content

  18. 18 Conclusion Video: How To Guarantee Success When You Launch Your New Sales Funnel

  19. 19 Funnel Builder Secrets

  20. 20 MarketerTribe 201 Bonus - 30 Killer Headline

About Marketer Tribe

We know that entrepreneurs can't do it all alone. We know that we need community, mentors, and friends on the journey to success.

We believe in celebrating one another's wins and encouraging each other when we fall down. We believe in positivity and growth.

We offer helpful advice and lessons learned, without flexing, bragging, or making anyone feel less than.

We believe in sharing strategies, tactics, and tools that have helped us get ahead so that others can achieve success as well.

We believe that someone else's success is exciting and is inspiration that we can do it too; we know that it doesn't take anything away from our own opportunities to succeed.

We know that we all have more to learn and are grateful for lessons that others share.

What Our Members Have to Say:

“These guys are true pros and really know sales funnels!
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They helped me get my two comma club award!” ― MC
“I am so glad I found Marketer Tribe! When I started my own business, working from home, I was so confused. They gave me the tools, training, and most importantly, the tribe I needed to succeed!!” ― Future You
“LOVED working with Kristy and Josh!” ― Krista
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