How to Get Clickfunnels for $19 (less than $20 per month!) by

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How to Get Clickfunnels for $19 (less than $20 per month!)

Want to know a secret? You can create awesome funnels in Clickfunnels (and quickly take your business to the next level) without spending $97 / month!  Click below to get access for just $20 a month (and still with a free two-week trial)!

What's included?

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How To Get Clickfunnels for $19 - Discount Plan
How To Get Clickfunnels for $19 - Discount Plan | Funnel Hack Secrets


How can I get Clickfunnels for $19 / month?

Click HERE to get started!  When you click to import the first million-dollar funnel template, you'll get the option to create a new account - either for $19 / month, $97 / month, or $297 / month.  Choose the $19 / month (still with a free 14-day trial!) and start editing your template to get a funnel launched affordably AND ASAP!

What if I already have a Clickfunnels account?

Click HERE, Then you can create a new account at the $19 / month and import your funnel(s) from your current account into the new one!  

Why is this $19 / month a big deal?

Clickfunnels is the premier funnel-building platform online [Kristy's side-note: seriously! I used to build funnels for clients in Leadpages and other builders too, and they simply couldn't compare to the ease of Clickfunnels' interface and the quality of funnels I was able to build in it].  As the premier platform, they also come with premium pricing, so normally you can only get an account for at least $97 / month.  This special $19 pricing makes it possible for everyone to build gorgeous and high-converting funnels in Clickfunnels. Import the $19/m clickfunnel into your new account by clicking HERE.