Sales Funnels 101: How-To Guide To Sales Funnels by

Sales Funnels 101: How-To Guide To Sales Funnels

Discover the most powerful and effective way to grow a massive email list and close sales on autopilot

Everything You Need To Create Your Perfect Funnel Strategy

Hey! Are you stuck with your online business?  You're not getting many leads or sales... or maybe you're not even sure how to get started?

Then you need a sales funnel!

Not sure what a sales funnel is? Then you're in the right place!

Our Sales Funnels 101 course is designed to give you a solid foundation for launching and growing your online business by helping you understand the basics of sales funnels.

This course includes 5 video modules and prompted worksheets to help you apply what you're learning to your business.  

By the end of the course, you'll be ready to create your perfect funnel strategy to achieve your biggest business goals!  Plus, there are bonus resources and even funnel templates to help you implement your strategy and quickly build a killer sales funnel!
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“Kristy, you have provided exceptional customer service and your quality of work is A grade.  You are definitely a diamond in the rough! Thank you so much for helping me, this launch will not be possible without your assistance and guidance.”
Ellie Santini
“I am so lost when it comes to anything website or funnel related. I have very limited technical knowledge. Kristy was wonderful to consult with and she knows how to properly arrange your vision and ideas.”
Marissa Martinez

What's included?

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One Funnel Away Challenge by Clickfunnels
Intro Video - What To Expect
4 mins
Our Marketer Tribe Story
5 mins
The Power Of Sales Funnels
6 mins
High-Converting Sales Funnel Creation Worksheets - Sales Funnel Commitment.pdf
82.2 KB
Module 1: What Is A Sales Funnel?
One Funnel Away Challenge by Clickfunnels
Video 1.1 - What Is A Sales Funnel
13 mins
Video 1.2 - What Will A Funnel Do For Me
5 mins
Video 1.3 - How Does A Funnel Work
4 mins
High-Converting Sales Funnel Creation Worksheets - Module 1.pdf
86 KB
Module 2: How Do I Structure My Sales Funnel?
One Funnel Away Challenge by Clickfunnels
Video 2.1 - Grow An Email List
6 mins
Video 2.2 - Close Sales On Autopilot
11 mins
Video 2.3 - Get Webinar Registrations
4 mins
Video 2.4 - Affiliate Bridge Funnel
7 mins
High-Converting Sales Funnel Creation Worksheets - Module 2.pdf
85.8 KB
Module 3: Eliminate Tech Overwhelm
One Funnel Away Challenge by Clickfunnels
Video 3.1 - Essential Tech Tools
11 mins
High-Converting Sales Funnel Creation Worksheets - Module 3 - Tech.pdf
101 KB
Tool #1: ClickFunnels • Funnel Builder
Tool #2: Autoresponder Platform
Tool #3: Payment Processor
Tool #4: Webinar Platform
Tool #5: Cloud Storage
Tool #6: Custom Domain
Conclusion: Next Steps
One Funnel Away Challenge by Clickfunnels
Conclusion Video 1.1: Fast Track To Funnel Success
23 mins
High-Converting Sales Funnel Creation Worksheets - Fast Track To Success.pdf
105 KB
Funnel Hacks System
High-Converting Sales Funnel Creation Worksheets - Bonus - 45 Lead Magnet Ideas.pdf
82.1 KB
High-Converting Sales Funnel Creation Worksheets - Bonus - Sales Funnel Checklist.pdf
78.9 KB
Funnel Template: 3-Step High-Ticket Application Funnel
Funnel Template: 4-Page Sales Funnel With Upsells
Funnel Template: 5-Page Sales Funnel
One Funnel Away Challenge by Clickfunnels
Sales Funnels 201 Preview
What Is Sales Funnels 201?
2 mins
201 Preview, Vid 1: Course Overview
3 mins
Access Sales Funnels 201 Now
Get Access To Sales Funnels 201 As A MarketerTribe Member!
7 mins
Sales Funnels 301 • Optimize Your Sales Funnel for Maximum Conversions
Get Excited For Sales Funnels 301... Coming Soon!
2 mins


Why did you make this course?

I've designed funnel strategies and built funnels for 200+ clients, and so many of them come to me with the same questions, confusion, and misconceptions about sales funnels.  So I wanted to make a free resource for entrepreneurs to get straightforward answers about what a funnel is and how it can help their business grow.  And then I included the worksheets with prompts to ensure that as you go through these video modules, you are guided through the questions necessary to implement what you've learned and really take action!

I'm an affiliate marketer and don't sell my own products - should I bother with a funnel?

Yes!!  In fact, I believe so strongly that affiliate marketers (and network marketers) should build funnels that I included a video in module 2 specifically dedicated to the best type of funnel to help grow an affiliate business. And if you're looking for more resources specifically focused on helping you as an affiliate, check out

I'm struggling to grow my ecommerce store - can a funnel help me?

Absolutely! I work with a number of clients whose ecommerce sites are failing to convert and the money they're spending on ads is completely wasted.  My number one recommendation to them is to switch to driving traffic to a funnel instead of their storefront... check out video 1.2 in Module 1 to see why! 

I know what a funnel is and what I want, but I don't know how to get started building it - will this course help me?

It sounds like you're a good candidate for our more advanced sales funnel course! Check out Marketing 201: How To Build High-Converting Sales Funnels .  We'll walk you through building an entire sales funnel so you can see the actual mechanics of the building process, master the tech integrations, and discover the design principles that will make a huge difference in your conversions.

I'm brand new to online marketing - is this a good fit for me?

Yes!  The principles covered in this course are the foundation of a solid online marketing strategy, so they will serve you well as you start your business.  We also make sure to break everything down into very clear and simple terms (not just marketer jargon ;)) so that you can understand and implement all of the concepts we cover.

Can this course still help me if I'm a more experienced marketer?

Let's answer that question with a question :) - are you currently getting the results you want as a marketer?  If you're not satisfied with your results right now - if you're looking to get more leads or conversions, scale beyond your current progress, or take yourself and your personal time out of the equation as you close sales - then this course can help you!  Sometimes getting back to the basics can help you reassess your efforts and re-align your strategy to accomplish your main priorities.

How in the world could you make this free?

We're here to help you!  We want to build a relationship with you and help you get un-stuck so that you can grow a thriving online business.  Plus, what better way to teach you about lead magnets than by offering one of our own? ;)

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