Work From Home 201

Learn How to Build your first sales funnel in Clickfunnels

20 Lessons

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20 Lessons in Work From Home 201:


Intro Video - What To Expect

The Best Platform For Building High-Powered Sales Funnels

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Module 1: Ya Basic (Getting Set Up In The Funnel Builder)

Video 1.1 - How To Set Up Autoresponder Integrations & Custom Domains and Get Tech Support

Video 1.2 - Creating Your First Funnel

Module 2: Ride Wit Me (How To Build A Lead Capture Page That Entices Your Ideal Customer To Join Your Tribe)

Video 2.1 - Connect To Your Email List, Set Up Your SEO Meta Data, & All That Fun Tech

Video 2.2 - The Secrets To Building A Landing Page That Converts Like Crazy

Module 3: All I Do Is Win (How To Build A Killer Sales Page That Closes Sales On Autopilot)

Video 3.1 - 8 Essential Elements Of A Sales Page That Will Make You Money While You Sleep

Video 3.2 - Adding Your Video Sales Letter & Setting Up Your Sales Page, Part 1

Video 3.3 - Setting Up Your Awesome Sales Page, Part 2

Module 4: Making Money Move (Order Forms, Upsells, and Downsells)

Video 4.1 - How To Set Up Your Payment Processor & Add Your Product To Your Funnel

Video 4.2 - Building An Order Form That Overcomes Last-Minute Buyer Doubts

Video 4.3 - Increasing Your Profits With One-Click Upsell and Downsell Pages

Module 5: Thank U, Next (Thank You & Order Confirmation Pages)

Video 5.1 - How To Set Up Lead Magnet and Digital Asset Downloads

Video 5.2 - Building An Order Confirmation Page (or Thank You Page) That Reassures Your New Customer And Eliminates Buyer's Remorse

Module 6: In Da Club (How To Set Up Membership Sites)

Video 6.1 - Creating Your Membership Access / Login Page

Video 6.2 - Setting Up Your Membership Dashboard & Uploading Course Content

Conclusion: 3, 2, 1... Launch!

Conclusion Video: How To Guarantee Success When You Launch Your New Sales Funnel

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