Funnel Template: Physical Product Sales Funnel by

Funnel Template: Physical Product Sales Funnel

Increase your profits with this stylish funnel that's formatted and optimized for selling your physical product, including an upsell offer.

Physical Product Sales Funnel

This funnel is perfect for anyone who sells physical products (especially if you've struggled to get your ecommerce store to convert!).

Import this physical product sales funnel directly into your Clickfunnels account!  (Don't have an account yet? No worries - when you click the link, you can sign up for a free 14-day trial!)

Save hours of time and frustration with a funnel that's already formatted, optimized, and ready for you to quickly customize to match your branding and offer.

This funnel includes:

1. Landing page to capture leads who are interested in your niche by offering them a small, relevant freebie
2. Sales page introducing your primary product and guiding your audience through the sales process
3. Order form for quick and easy payment processing
4. One-click upsell page featuring a complementary product for your audience to purchase (duplicate this page to create additional upsell or downsell offers!)
5. Order confirmation page featuring an offer wall so you can introduce your audience to further products that will complement their first purchase

See images of each funnel step below!  All funnel pages are completely customizable.

Landing Page

Grow your email list with this lead capture page offering a relevant ebook / guide / PDF for your audience.

Sales Page

Walk your audience through the sales process as you share details about your physical product, benefits your audience can expect to experience, and testimonials from other satisfied customers. Features parallax background images [see sample of this page HERE].

Order Form

Overcome any last-minute doubts with this order form specifically designed for physical products.

One-Click Upsell

Increase your profits with a one-click upsell offer that will further benefit your audience and enhance their transformation.

Order Confirmation

Complete your funnel with this order confirmation page that features an order wall to entice your audience to buy additional relevant products.

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