Sales Funnels 201: How To Build High-Converting Sales Funnels With Clickfunnels by

Sales Funnels 201: How To Build High-Converting Sales Funnels With Clickfunnels

Learn exactly how to build sales funnels that convert with this series of over-the-shoulder videos that walk you through building a complete funnel! 

Everything You Need To Confidently Build A Sales Funnel That Converts Like Crazy

So you've crafted your perfect funnel strategy and now you're ready to build your killer funnel!  But how do you actually do that?

In this course, we will walk you step-by-step through building a complete sales funnel, with over-the-shoulder tutorial videos guiding you through the entire process.


In the last two and a half years of building funnels, I frequently get clients who come to me looking for coaching, rather than having me simply build a funnel for them.  They've signed up for Clickfunnels* but don't know how to use the platform and want to be coached through the process of learning to use the funnel builder.

This course is the equivalent of 2+ hours of personal coaching through building your first funnel inside the Clickfunnels platform.  You can actually purchase one-on-one coaching with me right HERE for $195 an hour, or you can get two hours of training, plus bonus templates, for the same price in this course!


By the end of the course, you will:
  • Confidently understand how to use a page editor to build the exact funnel you have in mind (lead capture pages, sales pages, order forms, upsells, Thank You pages, and even setting up a membership site!)
  • Master the design principles that will make your pages visually appealing and automatically increase your conversions
  • Conquer tech integrations such as connecting your funnel with your autoresponder platform, setting up your payment processing, and putting your funnel on a custom domain

PLUS, to help you launch your new funnel even more easily, we're including a bonus module with templates you can import and quickly edit to match your offer and branding!  And then - BOOM - you have an awesome new funnel that's ready to go!

*You'll get the most out of this course with a trial of Clickfunnels ($97/mo account) so that you can follow along and build your funnel as we go through the training.  Get started with a free, 14-day trial.
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What's included?

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Everything You Will Learn

Intro Video - What To Expect
5 mins
The Best Platform For Building High-Powered Sales Funnels
9 mins
Funnel Builder Free Trial
Module 1: Ya Basic (Getting Set Up In The Funnel Builder)
Video 1.1 - How To Set Up Autoresponder Integrations & Custom Domains and Get Tech Support
8 mins
Video 1.2 - Creating Your First Funnel
6 mins
Module 2: Ride Wit Me (How To Build A Lead Capture Page That Entices Your Ideal Customer To Join Your Tribe)
Video 2.1 - Connect To Your Email List, Set Up Your SEO Meta Data, & All That Fun Tech
9 mins
Video 2.2 - The Secrets To Building A Landing Page That Converts Like Crazy
12 mins
Module 3: All I Do Is Win (How To Build A Killer Sales Page That Closes Sales On Autopilot)
Video 3.1 - 8 Essential Elements Of A Sales Page That Will Make You Money While You Sleep
7 mins
Video 3.2 - Adding Your Video Sales Letter & Setting Up Your Sales Page, Part 1
8 mins
Video 3.3 - Setting Up Your Awesome Sales Page, Part 2
13 mins
Module 4: Making Money Move (Order Forms, Upsells, and Downsells)
Video 4.1 - How To Set Up Your Payment Processor & Add Your Product To Your Funnel
6 mins
Video 4.2 - Building An Order Form That Overcomes Last-Minute Buyer Doubts
9 mins
Video 4.3 - Increasing Your Profits With One-Click Upsell and Downsell Pages
11 mins
Module 5: Thank U, Next (Thank You & Order Confirmation Pages)
Video 5.1 - How To Set Up Lead Magnet and Digital Asset Downloads
4 mins
Video 5.2 - Building An Order Confirmation Page (or Thank You Page) That Reassures Your New Customer And Eliminates Buyer's Remorse
7 mins
Module 6: In Da Club (How To Set Up Membership Sites)
Video 6.1 - Creating Your Membership Access / Login Page
5 mins
Video 6.2 - Setting Up Your Membership Dashboard & Uploading Course Content
7 mins
Conclusion: 3, 2, 1... Launch!
Conclusion Video: How To Guarantee Success When You Launch Your New Sales Funnel
18 mins
Funnel Builder Secrets
MarketerTribe 201 Bonus - 30 Killer Headlines.pdf
80.6 KB
Funnel Template: Digital Product Sales Funnel
Funnel Template: PDF Download Opt-In Funnel


Who is teaching the course?

Hi! I'm Kristy :) I have been building sales funnels for clients for two and a half years now, in addition to coaching them through building funnels and consulting to create their funnel strategy.  I've taken all of that experience designing and building funnels - and the questions I've gotten from clients along the way - and used them to create this course.

Once I go through the course and build my funnel, can I get help with optimizing it?

Absolutely!  It can be really difficult to keep your perspective on a project when you're so close to it, so getting outside advice is a great idea!  The best way to get help with your new funnel is by being a member of MarketerTribe - you can share a link to your funnel in the community chat and get encouragement and feedback, PLUS you can actually submit it for our team to review!  We'll do a video review of your funnel and give our suggestions for optimizing it so that you know you'll hit it out of the park when you start driving traffic to your funnel.

What's the difference between membership and your courses?

Great question! Purchasing individual courses gives you access to just those courses, while as a Marketer Tribe member, you get access to ALL of our courses... PLUS, members get access to exclusive live training events and our VIP community, as well as perks such as the Entrepreneur's Book Club and the ability to submit your sales funnel for review by our Marketer Tribe team.

What do I need for this course?

You'll get the most out of this course with a trial of Clickfunnels ($97/mo account) so that you can follow along and build your funnel as we go through the training.  Get started with a free, 14-day trial.

How is the 201 course different from the 101 course?

In the 101 course, we're answering the questions of "what is a sales funnel?" and "what will a funnel do for me / my business?".  Then you can use your newfound understanding of funnels to create your perfect funnel strategy to grow an email list and close more sales.

In the 201 course, we're starting at the point where you have that funnel strategy and now are looking for step-by-step guidance to build and create your funnel.  These are over-the-shoulder tutorial videos about exactly how to use the page editor to build your new funnel, the mechanics of the tech, and the design principles that will increase your conversions. By the end of the course, you will be ready to build and launch the funnel that brings your funnel strategy to life!